Thursday, January 15, 2015

Make-Your-Own Bouquets

Here was a neat idea we saw recently: one of our brides invited her bridesmaids to make their own bouquets.

The florist delivered a bucket full of assorted flowers, all chosen by the bride to fit the wedding’s color scheme and style. The wedding coordinator set up the bucket in the bridal suite in the Lodge, and once the bridesmaids had all arrived, she invited them to each assemble their own bouquet.

Each bridesmaid had the opportunity to create a floral arrangement that reflected the bride’s vision while also reflecting each woman’s uniqueness.

Once the bridesmaids finished, each bouquet was placed in a mason jar full of water to keep the flowers fresh until it was time for everyone to make the walk down the aisle.

It was a wonderful way to add a splash of individuality to the festivities!

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