Saturday, May 26, 2012

Going Green at the Ridge

If you have visited Stevenson Ridge to see the historic preservation work by Dan Spear, you may have noticed the combination of antique woodwork with energy-saving appliances in each of the cabins.  In addition to restoring the cottages with original components such as framing, windows and door locks, we are environmentally conscious about the day to day practices at the B&B.  As a member of Virginia Green we strive to provide green lodging, weddings and meeting facilities for our guests.  We have been diligent in our efforts of recycling, reusing (scrap paper, purchasing used furniture or making furniture from reclaimed wood, replacing towels only upon request), and reducing (dispersing information digitally versus printed materials, energy-efficient lighting). Recently we have made some additional changes around the farm to be more environmentally friendly.  We have just finished installing bulk amenity dispensers in each of the bathrooms, eliminating the waste of small bottles.  You will also notice the refrigerators (cottages and office) are now stocked with a reusable glass bottles for water instead of individual plastic bottles.  In our newest addition to the property, The Post Office, we installed our first tankless water heater, which heats water on demand instead of constantly heating.  We are excited about implementing our new green initiatives!

Thursday, May 17, 2012

Fun and Unique Guestbook Ideas

Traditionally, guests attend a wedding and sign a guestbook so the bride and groom can look back on all the fun memories they shared with everyone. If you are tired of the same traditional guestbook here are some fun and unique ideas to switch it up.

Mad Libs
This style guestbook is quick and easy with a touch of uniqueness. This is sure to make for a good laugh for years after your wedding.

Photo Booth Picture Album
This fun guestbook allow guests to print two copies of each photo booth session and then place them in a photo album. Most of these albums have enough space so guests can write a little note to the bride and groom.

Inspirations from Love Poems
Many couples are now using love poems, novels, their favorite book and even a cookbook as their guestbook. This unique concept allows guests to share their words of wisdom in a book that the couple will cherish forever.

Wishing Tree
This type of guestbook is more personal and it makes for a great décor piece in your home. Guests can write advice or well wishes down on a piece of paper and then hang it on branches or place in a keep-sake box.  As newlyweds, you will enjoy reading through all of the comments and continue to re-visit the advice for days to come.

Photo credit: Stevenson Ridge
Fingerprint Book
This guestbook option is gaining popularity fast and is a fun way to display the people who participated in your special day. Guests ink their pointer finger, place it on a branch of the tree and sign their name next to their unique print. The bride and groom can take home a little piece of their friends and family members with them forever.

Photo credit: Carley Rehberg Photography 
However you decide to remember those who celebrated this day with you, don’t forget to recognize what they given to be there and THANK THEM!

Written By: Elizabeth Timms
Assistant Events Coordinator

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