Sunday, February 26, 2012

PIN Your Wedding Ideas is a fun and inspiring way to collect many ideas for many different reasons. Getting addicted to this website is very easy. As you browse through the different pages of photos, you find yourself getting lost in the Pinterest world. This website is not only a fun way to see all the different images that are out there but it has become a sensation for the wedding world. This new and fun website is a great tool to get inspired for your wedding day. Not only does it allow you to design your own pinboard but it allows others to comment on the images you have selected.
The idea of Pinterest began in December 2009 by a group of successful entrepreneurs and investors. This invitation-only site officially launched in March 2010. Pinterest’s mission and goals are based on the idea of connecting everyone in the world to “things” they find interesting. This new website allows users to organize and share all the things they find interesting on the web.
These pinboards can also be used for collecting ideas for decorating your home, finding your fashion style or saving favorite recipes. Users also have the option to browse pinboards created by other people. This is a great way to discover new things and get inspired by people who share common interests.
How the website works is users pin an image to Pinterest. A pin can be added from a website using the “Pin It” button or you can upload an image from your computer. When adding a new pin using the “Pin It” button, it links the image back to the site it came from giving the image its proper photo credit. Pinterest stays current with technology and social media and has recently added the “Pin It” button to the iPhone and Google Chrome.
This new website is gaining popularity with many people around the world and it also gives those fun collage exercises we used to do in school a new modern twist. For you, this new website is a great way to get ideas for your colors and themes. Pinterest is linked to any social media site, giving others the chance to comment and view your images.
In August 2011, Time magazine listed Pinterest in its “50 Best Websites of 2011” article. Additionally, TechCrunch named Pinterest the Best New Start up of 2011 due to its referral traffic to retailers. As of January 2012, this unique website had reported 11.7 million users, making this new website one of the fastest growing in popularity. So play around with Pinterest and see what exciting ideas and leads you can find!
Amelia Wine pinboard

Tina O'Rourke pinboard
Written by: Elizabeth Timms
Assistant Events Coordinator

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Planning your big day!

After saying “Yes” to the man of your dreams, it’s time to begin planning for your big day! Every little detail must be perfect and that can become a little overwhelming. I asked some local wedding coordinators to lend some advice to brides and here’s what they had to say.

 Karen Berl, RSVP Events, suggests to first choose your theme. Finalizing your colors, themes, and ideas before meeting with any vendors will help bring together the vision of your wedding day. Also, to help brides with these decisions, Karen recommends looking through bridal magazines and to attend several bridal shows to get a variety of ideas. 

A main concern when planning your wedding is your budget! Getting a firm grasp of your budget will help guide you throughout the planning process and give you a better idea of where you stand. This in turn will relieve some stress. Libby Woodard, Easton Events, suggests taking advantage of technology. Using Google Docs is a great way to create, revise and edit your budget in excel. This also allows you to share your budget with whoever needs to be informed. She also suggests planning this just like building a new home; you always spend about 10% more than you had planned. Creating a contingency line will help balance this.

There is an ocean full of vendors and narrowing it down to the perfect one for your special occasion can be hard. Dechele, Events by Dechele, suggests asking friends and family who they have used or experienced in the past to gather feedback. Also, another great resource to find vendors is wedding blogs. Interview more than one vendor because the vendor you may have your heart set on may be already booked on your wedding date. When it comes to your final decision, go with your gut instinct. Never feel obligated to select a vendor that a friend or family member had used.

Of course, hiring an event coordinator will help alleviate the stress of planning this huge day and Karen from RSVP Events believes this will be the best investment you will make. They may either have many years of experience or are certified with the proper credentials. They will be able to help brides with their wedding budgets as well as direct the brides to venues and vendors that match the bride’s vision and budget. The most important concern is that the bride and her family enjoy this special day and hiring a professional will ensure that you do.

Planning your wedding includes so many details, ideas, and people wanting to help. It can feel incredibly stressful at times. Michelle Gillespie, Occasions by M&K, advises brides to keep a journal to help keep track of your ideas and visions for your big day. And also, be sure to listen to all suggestions from friends, family and wedding industry professionals.

The important thing to remember is that it’s your special day and that your vision should shine through. Being prepared, educated and opened minded should help planning this large scale event and make it seem effortless. Make sure to take advantage of bridal publications, websites and blogs, online technologies and any other tools that may help to pull everything off.  This should be a fun process and involving friends and family will help relieve some of the stress. Keep your vision true to you and your fiancé and your wedding day will be a success!

Written by: Elizabeth Timms
Assistant Events Coordinator

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Wedding Trends: Part 3

The last popular trend for 2012 is the most extravagant of weddings where the glitz and glamour is a must. The color scheme for the Hollywood Glam weddings are dark reds, white and black. The sophisticated and sleek look isn’t only for the décor but also for the gown by wearing a form-fitted dress made of luxurious fabrics paired with the perfect stilettos. From the décor to the dress, these weddings are glamorous just like a Hollywood red carpet event.

Kimberly & Michael Bellanca’s Wedding
Photo Credit: Charlotte Parish Photography

Stevenson Ridge is getting ready for the 2012 wedding season as many brides are and we’re excited to see these popular trends and more.
Written by: Elizabeth Timms
Assistant Events Coordinator

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Wedding Trends: Part 2

This week we will give you some ideas on how to create your ‘Fantasy Princess’ wedding for that little girl inside all of us where the pinks and purples rule. We all grew up watching Cinderella and we’ve been waiting for our Prince Charming. The Fantasy Princess wedding incorporates feminine and classic colors such as silver, gold, white, pink, or purple.  The décor can be simple or elaborate but will make the event seem elegant and classy by using gems, mirrors and floating candles. Like every Disney movie, the gown is big and puffy most likely with a detailed beading, cap sleeves, or a corset making it the epitome of a girly-girl gown.

Tessa & Colby Goetz’s wedding
Photo Credit: Emily Clack Photography
Written by Elizabeth Timms
Assistant Events Coordinator