Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Wedding Gift Etiquette

In the realm of wedding gifts, manners matter. There are classy and tactful ways to encourage your guests to express their support for your future as a husband and wife. Considering that you have a common bond that you care for them and they care for you, be assured that most givers want to satisfy the desires of the recipient, and chances are they will inquire as to what would be the most welcome sort of gift. Spread the word to your close contacts, such as close family or bridesmaids, that if people do happen to ask, what you would prefer receiving. You can make it easier by having a gift registry at a popular retail store. Finally, don't sweat it if you get duplicate items, especially ones you didn't want or need. Just keep in mind the sentiment behind the gift, be sure to thank with a written note, and remember to mention what you intend to do with the money if that is what you are given. Doing so makes you look good and the giver of the gift feel great. 

Photo Credit:The Happy Couple

Tuesday, September 10, 2013

New Bridal Trend: Herb Bouquets

Once a bride begins to consider her wedding flowers, she might find herself in a virtual greenhouse brimming with possibilities. Ideas can be borrowed, old, or new. One fantastic trend for bouquets is the resurgence of incorporating herbs as a part of the arrangement. Ancient legends of long ago speak of the symbolic power of herbs. Not only do they stand for a grand virtue, such as strength or courage, but they also have been used as comforts for eons. Rosemary represents love, faithfulness, and remembrance- all essential ingredients for a long life together. Thyme hearkens back to the medieval era because it was adopted as a symbol of courage, a virtue any military spouse will be sure to value. For strength, choose sage, which is a lovely addition to both bold and romantic bouquets. Creative brides may consider mint or parsley, both of which have a pleasant effect on the aroma of the arrangement, and even of the breath when a leaf is nibbled! 

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